Donja Leegwater started creating mosaics almost 10 years ago, in 2009.  She has attended a workshop presented in South Africa by the well-known Serbian mosaic artist Anjelka Radojevic in 2012.  Donja has also been a member of the management team of MASA and still offers her help informally whenever she is needed. Like any true artist, Donja finds that inspiration can come from pretty much anywhere.  She has even been inspired to create mosaic by a piece of music, but she finds herself particularly drawn to contrasts in colour and texture, such as are found not only in nature (rough bark & shiny leaves, or a still surface of water rippled by wind) but also in urban settings (steel & stone, glass & plaster).  The process of creating curves & a feeling of movement using hard & unyielding materials like stone and glass is a continuous and absorbing challenge for her. She admits that creating a mosaic piece is an entirely personal and somewhat selfish journey.  Her only goal is to continually feel that she is challenging herself as an artist, either through the media she uses or through the artistic feel of the finished piece.  She loves using a wide variety of materials in a single piece, ensuring that there is interest in the detail, while still having an overall unity & aesthetic appeal.

Donja has won several awards with her work in MASA’s online challenges, but she did really well at MASA’s ‘This is Mosaic Art!2018’ event:

This is Mosaic Art!2018 – 3D/Structural Intermediate – Gold

This is Mosaic Art!2018 – Contemporary Intermediate – Gold

This is Mosaic Art!2018 – Contemporary Intermediate - Silver