She have been a mosaic artist for about 8 years. This all tarted with a little mosaic workshop where she made a cross. She was completely blown away by the color and the hands-on process. She has a background in art and design and is a designer by trade, but she instantly fell in love with mosaic. Lois has attended one workshop and has given a few workshops herself. She finds that there is always a table or wall that can be decorated. Some of her projects came to be simply because she though that a mosaic would look good there and offered her services - usually for very little financial gain, but in this way she can continue to practice. She hopes to do mosaics in more charity locations as murals is her particular love. Mosaic improves her mood as it is so tactile and colorful. She would love to do more mosaics purely as art work and hopefully sell some to fund the continuation of the process. Lois categorises her style as linear, colorful and contemporary.