He started doing mosaic when he was around 7 years old. His grandmother has mosaic as one of her hobbies and he use to visit her every school holiday so she taught him to mosaic and tributes to his creativity. He spent most of his his school years in art class and after school he enrolled in a design program, needless to say he loves art and design. He doesn't have any formal training training in this field, but as he mentioned, he has been doing mosaic for 15 years. He is an artist that is inspired by color, shape and design. His dream is to create unique and different pieces of art that will be remembered. He is an artist known to only work with stained glass and that a large part of his work is made up of small and fine pieces. He loves to use a lot of mirror in his work as it helps to bring a unique look once the piece is hanging in the intended location. The mirror picks up all the surrounding colors and light and that brings out the most amazing looks.