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  • Mosaics with Maestro Menossi

    Mosaics with Maestro Menossi

    It arrived in Italian, which very nearly had me miss the importance: An Instagram message from Maestro Giulio Menossi, inviting me to the second  Mosaic Symposium in Friuli-Venezia-Giulia Italy.  Fortunately my sister lives in Italy and when I asked her to translate the message and learnt the content, I was very excited.   A few emails later - in English - made me ‘run’ off course and also made me very proud to be invited.

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  • Jane du Rand: A South African master mosaic artist

    Jane du Rand: A South African master mosaic artist

    Featuring Jane du Rand

    I am delighted and honoured (and to be honest, somewhat intimidated!) to feature the incredible mosaic and ceramic artist, Jane du Rand. Jane has embraced mosaic art like no one else, adding her own unique ceramic creations and taking mosaics to a totally new level. She is perhaps best known for her large-scale artworks in public spaces and on public buildings across the globe but what really distinguishes Jane’s breath taking murals are the intricate and meticulous details in her works.

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  • Pricing Art accurately

    Pricing Art accurately

    Not all of you will know this about me but since long, long before I got hooked on mosaics, I have been involved in flea markets, either as simply a vendor or stallholder, or as an organiser.

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  • Handmade mosaic tiles...

    Handmade mosaic tiles...

    I recently stumbled across a rather old YouTube video showing how to make your own mosaic tiles using clear flat glass and any decorative paper of your choosing.  This is a lovely concept that allows you unlimited options for colour and motif to enhance your mosaic designs.

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