Without a doubt, mosaic has been the most beautiful and most enduring form of art for centuries. Unfortunately, it is also the most undervalued in our country.

For this reason, the idea of an organisation for the mosaic industry had been talked about for many years. Finally, early in May 2009, the MASA seed germinated and has been growing stronger ever since.  We have adjusted to the changing demands of our members and weathered a few storms to reach our goal of being taken seriously as producers of mosaic art.


MASA strives to promote mosaic as a form of expression in art as well as highlighting its possibilities and benefits as an additional alternative when it comes to architectural and decorative application. MASA also provides a platform for artists and professionals involved with mosaic in some form or another to promote themselves, their work, their companies and their art.

To encourage our members to continue to improve their skills we challenge our members regularly to produce a themed mosaic in our Online Competitions. Every year we embark on a Community Service Project where our members donate mosaics to beautify, uplift and in many cases brighten the environment of our selected beneficiary. Once a year we showcase our members’ efforts by presenting a juried Exhibition where their hard work is recognized and rewarded.

South Africa is rich in culture and our art reflects this. As a result, MASA hopes to provide a voice to those of its members who are involved in community upliftment though arts and crafts. To provide assistance to them in securing the much-needed sponsorship, donations of materials and extra hands that this type of project cannot do without.

Whether you are a crafter or professional mosaicist, it is now possible for all of us to come together to share ideas and talk together about our “Passion for Pieces”.