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  • The Importance of Hobbies:

    The Importance of Hobbies:

    'Life is difficult', the opening line of M. Scott Peck's (1978) The Road Less Travelled, is a profoundly simple description of the human experience in the 21st century. The pace of daily life for many of us is intense and unrelenting, with multiple demands on our time, financial resources and energy. The pressure to fulfil obligations at either the office or at home, or indeed to perform the delicate feat of balancing both, leave many with the feeling of being unable to afford adding any further tasks to the day. Yet embracing the challenge of taking on a hobby may well be just the activity we need to enhance our lives. Indeed, once the unrelenting pressures of career and family life begin to abate in the retirement years, the recreational activities and interests we have integrated into our lives become essential to curbing personal stagnation ... by Carl Kingsley, MA (Clinical Psychology) (Stellenbosch University)

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